Studio manager

Job Title: Studio Manager

Name: Alice Wilson

Company: G.W. Chapman

Professional Qualification(s):

10 GCSEs, 4 A-levels, BA (Hons) in Information Management with Publishing

Degree studied at:

Thames Valley University

Brief job description

I am in charge of running the artwork side of the studio, i.e. preparing work before it goes to press

My career so far…

METROPOLIS – for 2 years (reprographics). This is where I began my career. I started as a trainee on an Apple Mac and progressed into Managerial.

R & B CREATIVE SERVICES – for 6 months (reprographics & wet proofing). Where I was the Studio Manager.

CMYK – for 6 months (reprographics & design). Where I worked generally on the computer, I also was in charge of briefing the night shift of the work inhand.

RED DESIGN – for 2 months (design). Where I operated a Mac for a short time.

What does your job involve in a typical day?

Days vary enormously. I am an organised person who loves to work and keep busy. I work in the studio department at a printers, where we create the artwork for letterheads, leaflets, brochures etc. Work comes to me either over the phone, email, ISDN or verbally (face-to-face with client). The job is quoted for and booked in. I then brief the artworker/designer on what the job entails. This can be either keying in text, designing something from scratch, altering text etc. The work is then passed back to me when completed. I then check it has been done as instructed, proofreading where necessary. The job is then sent to the client for proofing/checking either by fax, email or one of our sales team may take it in. The client makes changes and when the go ahead has been given, the artwork is signed off and passed to reprographics. Plates from the file are made and taken to the factory where the job is then printed.

I also have to communicate with the production manager about deadlines and time scales of jobs. He must know what jobs are coming to him and also I must know how busy he is so when asked by a client of delivery dates I can let them know.

I also need to be in contact with the sales reps who let me know what jobs are due to arrive and when their clients expect them delivered.

What do you like most about your job?

Varied work.
Team work.
Always new things to be learnt.
Meeting and talking with clients.

What skills are required in your job?

Computer skills, both Mac and PC.
Knowledge about printing.
Communication skills.
To be organised and have a good memory!
A good telephone manner.
To be able to work with a team.
To be able to work flexible hours.
To be able to stay cool under stress.
To be able to stick within very tight deadlines.

How many people work for you?

5 directly with others working along side me i.e sales reps who bring the work in etc

What is your advice to people looking for a career in the food and grocery industry?

Although I don’t work in the food industry, we do a lot of work for food and grocery companies. Remember that many companies have a really broad range of careers available so don’t rule this one out just because it may not be the traditional place for your chosen role – it is probably available.