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We’re a careers coaching team dedicated to helping you find the perfect career path, and helping you to get your perfect job. We help candidates through a wide variety of means, from simple coaching via Skype to our three day award-winning interview workshops. Much of our work is through collaborating with local organisations but we do also provide help directly – get in touch with us and let us know what you’re interested in. We’re based in York but we’re happy to help candidates all over the country via video link / Skype.

On this site you’ll find:

  • Information about a range of careers available across various industries.
  • Advice for preparing your CV and covering letter.
  • Advice for attending a job interview.
  • Information on new job basics such as legal obligations.
  • Advice on negotiating whilst in your job.
  • Advice on moving up the career ladder.
  • Tips on training and skills.

Our Services

Marketing Executive
Name: Alex Cacouris Company: Burger King Professional Qualification(s): 10 O levels, 3 A le...
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Head of Food Chain Unit
Job Title: Head of Food Chain Unit Name: Terry Jones Company: National Farmers Union Profes...
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Quality Assurance Manager
Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager Name: James Hartley Company: Nestlé UK Ltd Professiona...
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Shift Production Manager
Job Title: Shift Production Manager Name: Donald McClymont Company: Northern Foods Professi...
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Public Relations Manager
Job Title: Public Relations Manager Name: Debbie Sutton Company: Northern Foods Professiona...
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Operations Leader
Job Title: Operations Leader Company: Nestlé UK Ltd Professional Qualification(s): M.Eng Chemical ...
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Employers: Back to work interviews
Employers: Back to work interviews
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Are your job ads SEO friendly?
Are your job ads SEO friendly?
May 31, 2021
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What should I do about an employment gap on my CV?
What should I do about an employment gap on my CV?
May 9, 2021
You only need to show approximately the last 10 years of work experience on your CV, so if there are any gaps prior to that then it won’t matter. However, you will of course need to expl...

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