Human resources consultant

Job Title: Human Resources Consultant

Name: Richard Bradford

Company: Coca-Cola Great Britain

Professional Qualification(s):
Msc in Human Resource Management from Glamorgan University & Bsc in Psychology and Business Management from Aston University. A-Levels in Business Studies, History & Sociology. 9 GCSE’s. Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Brief overview of your job: 
Deliver a full human resources service which includes recruitment, employee relations, succession planning and career development.
What does your job involve?
• Develop strong relationships with function managers (Technical/Finance Department, plus a manufacturing facility) to help them better manage and develop their people

• Ensure that as a Company we recruit and retain the best marketing talent available

• Continually develop the induction process for all new employees joining North Europe Division ensuring that their transition into The Coca-Cola Company is as smooth as possible

• Keep up to date with employment legislation to ensure that our people processes and practices are legally compliant

What do you most like about your job?
• The high calibre of people I work with across the Coca-Cola system
• The challenge of working on complex issues that impact the business, which change on a daily basis
• Being part of a great company that everyone recognises

What skills are required in your job?
• Strong communication and influencing skills are a must, plus a can do attitude
• Ability to prioritise effectively ensuring that the important things get done on time
• A good understanding of recruitment tools and techniques
• A robust knowledge of employment law

What is your advice to people looking for a career in the food & grocery industry?
• Try and gain a good grounding in all aspects of Human Resources as a lot of areas are interrelated

• When working on projects/issues think about the competencies that you are developing and ensure that you log this experience to demonstrate continued professional development – which is important if you are a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development

• Net work with relevant people by attending conferences and presentations to help research thoroughly your career choice and the companies that you would like to work in

Career so far:
Recruitment Adviser – Barclays Bank
HR Generalist – British Steel (Corus Plc)

Did you complete an industrial placement as part of your degree? 
I worked for British Steel for 12 months as a Public Relations officer and was then sponsored for my final year back in University.